YTELL clothing is the #1 self-made brand in all nations including the US rapidly spreading from New York to the North Shore, Rhode island Florida and Puerto Rico. YTELL is empowered by crowed-funded people. Inspired by the trials and tribulations. All creations are hand made with minimalist designs at radically fair prices using a board spectrum of endless variety of color and authentic patterns. Appraised to gain experience fulfilling shipments with WHOLESALE & RETAIL DISTRIBUTORS. We are very involved with many communities, supporting many events including STOP THE VIOLENCE & BACK TO SCHOOL. Always donating as needed.

YTELL Mission is to protect our dreams by the codes we live by “MIND YOUR BUSINESS” & SOMETHING’S ARE BETTER LEFT UNSAID.” To continue to exhibit our ideas into life with no experience just a vision. Building adventures of creativity. Daring to execute and disrupt the norm. Keeping every buyer satisfied and always wanting to come back.

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